Sunday, 25 July 2010


SHOWstudio is a constant reminder about the continual movement of fashion. The link between fashion and moving image is obviously becoming more and more powerful, something SHOWstudio has both reinvented and brought into the public eye. With their exhibition of 'Fashion Revolution' the title itself dictated a contemporary, strong movement in fashion. To continue this progression SHOWstudio has created a project titled, 'The Fashion Body' which comprises of a collection of moving image 'films' to build a content to produce a 'body' comprising of separate features to separate films. From industry icons such as Tim Walker, Nick Knight, Rick Owens and most recently, Ruth Hogben on buttocks, each shows a short clip leaving the reader to deduce from whatever they feel.

SHOWstudio with Gareth Pugh is always a hit with me, the collaboration between the outlandish designs, the subversive take on modern luxury from designer Gareth Pugh and iconic film-maker Ruth Hogben show that creativity knows no bounds. Known for his intoxicatingly dark designs which ellucidate a gothic touch, truly original in contemporary fashion, he has become an established creator in 'The Fashion Body'. The film enititled 'Joie de Vivre' is something one would not associated with Gareth Pugh. 'The joy of living' focusses more on Gareth Pugh's Autumn/Winter 10/11 collection as an obsession in which pieces are shown to move in vivacity agaisnt a provocative pulsation of scintillating darkness. A dramatic mutation of a sexual, noxious performance mixed with Art Deco-esque hallucinatory shots to deliver a virtuoso entertainment mirroring that of a Weimer Berlin cabaret act. Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann is pronounced the unfalsifiable emblem of eroticism capable of show-stopping seduction which erupts into a tremulous torrent of modern decadence.

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