Thursday, 12 August 2010


'The Boys of London'

Justin Wu for co:lab presents us with the faces for 2010. The music is good, the dancing is entertaining and probably not what was expected. The pairing of James Smith with Tom Lander are probably the best duo for really trying to click in time and bring out great cliché moves-the best pair for humour. Sebastian Sauve (want that name) just cannot move but he can't help but bring a smile of embarrasment mixed with humour to your face. Having said that, he does appear in pain. The video is injected with sparks of flair with Joe Flemming and he's beaming smile, Sid Charity's truly different dance moves (including a random cartwheel-with his face like thunder throughout) and Harry Goodwins' face. All in all, probably the funniest video of male models I will ever see, there are some awful awkward moments, but cannot help but make you smile.

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