Friday, 13 August 2010


Iris van Herpen is not simply a fashion designer. She is a genius. Her clothes are not simply variations on classics, or growing differentiations in trends. Her clothes are masterpieces. These treasures traverse into paradisiacal parallels; unique silhouettes and flawless craftsmanship symbolize an evolution in fashion. Iris ostracizes orthodoxy to detonate psychotic creations which radiate artistry.

Showing her 'crystallization' preview collection in Amsterdam, the show seemed highly conceptual and only amplified the spectacle. Strips of leather lay provocatively around the frame of many of the models. Transcendance was intensified as certain creations attained clinched coils of rippled leather around the shoulders. Laboured lattice-work produced captivating works which exhibited the female form exuding sensuality with serene tranquility. Impeccable creations are undeniable as one structure featured a translucent wash of perspex and with it's pellucid quality, the garment attained a delicate glassiness. This formulated a model who appeared to have a cascading current of water erupting from her centre. A collaboration between Iris, Daniel Widrig and MGX produced a computerized structure designed to sit upon the shoulders of the model. The work appeared intricately layered and injected an aesthetic which mirrored the structure of warped, mechanical tentacles.

Iris' archive is something remarkable and revolutionary within fashion. S/S 2010 prooved her techniques and vision are still as original and unique even in previous seasons. Garments (to put it lightly) where crafted in tortuous, mystifying entanglements of leather which reflected undulating protrusions like those of serpents. What appeared to be contortioned and knotted silver silk seemed to form a vertebral column in the panneled coat and headdress. Arced pleats expanded and filtrated down the frame like coral, only to provide further extremities of beauty. 'Mummification' in 09/10 A/W gave way for even more futuristic gothica looks. Apparel was bound to the body in an enthralling paragon of splendor as leather was knotted and threaded to produce a skeleton embodied in repressing corsetry. These along with other collections such as 'Fragile Futurity', 'Chemical Crows' and 'Refinery Smoke' all maginify Iris van Herpen as a designer ahead of her time.

Iris van Herpen is an icon.

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