Monday, 30 August 2010


What costume jewellery is; Mawi is wholly other. With designs which converge wearability with originality, Mawi's collections remain firm contenders in statement jewellery. Encompassing a mix of contemporary architectural features, vintage, traditional influences and visionary, dynamic designs all invoke a unique philosophy to Mawi creations.

Incongruent materials, influences and designs are legendary to Mawi's aesthetic. Proven true in 'Deco Noir' (one of many new collections). Weaving the industrial with the ornamental, pieces reflect the emphasis upon the old and new. Pieces such as the 'Skyline Tube' necklace combines industrial metal tubing in lurid gold-plate. Slashing neat, sharp chain-work are a selection of large tear-drop jewels in rich plum which are delicately adorned by royal blue and clear crystals. Evolving on the insect movement in jewellery, Mawi's 'Triple Cluster Beetle Necklace' provides a modern, simplistic vision of this trend. Monochrome clustered crystals are densely emblazoned upon golden tubing in such a way that the embellishments produce the incarnation of beetles.

Feminine decoration versus masculine materials venture deeper in the 'Punk Nouveau' collection. Necklaces and brooches are both bedecked in dense collections of pearls with golden leaf motifs blooming from the gold-plate. Bracelets dazzle with scintillating citrine gemstones and blood-red crsytals emblazon the autumnal leaf motif which is powdered with pearls. The 'Tusk' bracelets are a perfect incorporation of masculinity and femininity. Again large, chunky gold-plate chains have exotic jade tusk charms, which exhibit a glamourous yet animalistic aesthetic. With a large jade crystal fused between two ancient golden skulls, carnal and bestial influences remain primal. Amazionian creations are amalgamated with exotic royal jewels with pieces from the 'Punk Rajah' collection. The delicately named 'Double Claw Crsytal & Spike Bracelet' defines an androgyny within the collection. Angular metal-work in spikes, claws and gun-metal bullet studs are juxtaposed with streamlined showers of Swarovski crystals. 'Crown' bangles with rings to accompany amplify the sovereign qualities in these majestic designs.

Forever a favourite of mine, Mawi is a sphere where the past, present and future will always revolve.

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