Tuesday, 7 September 2010


With a rural, idyllic ideal set in motion for A/W will ‘real women’ take centre stage? The fifties, the shearling, the country, the fur, the camel and the minimal trends for winter are all reaping the regalia of becoming fashion’s ultimate trends. Retreating from urban culture to cultivate a discovery of life in the country; women are quick to ditch last year’s platform heels, lured leather, eighties aesthetic and android-esque tailoring, only to uproot this year’s back to basics alternatives. This should primarily pave the way for a refreshing season in fashion.

As fashion begins to move into a more natural atmosphere, could this open more doors for more women in fashion? Yes. For this season anyway. ‘Tits’ as Katie Grand stated are at the forefront of ‘The Gorgeous Issue’ from LOVE magazine. Showing women of all ages, shapes, styles and sizes whilst not excluding the ‘Mannequin’ labeled ‘Ms Perfect’. Her porcelain skin, the faultless plump lips, inviting (to a weird extent) blue eyes and neat, streamlined nose placed emphasis upon the absurd notion of women’s strive to become perfect and remain perfect. Whatever the cost. As fifties female figures have blossomed, Louis Vuitton reveled in this silhouette and showcased models not formerly used on runways. Bombshell beauties such as Catherine McNeil, Laetitia Casta and Elle McPherson no doubt ignited the passions of the crowds as the temptresses stormed the runway. So, would undeniably leave many heterosexual men flustered, fervid and fantasizing about fashion’s new body.

Escaping from urban styles, modernity has become disconnected to unveil the past that has inspired shows across the globe. Following from natural female forms, apparel has back-tracked to more minimal makings. Strict seams, precise pleats and contoured curves envelop a style with a timid temperament. Focusing on wearability, minimal trends attract the unnerving sense not to showcase your income. Although balanced, to a degree; the infusions of opulence attract those who dare to present more glamourous designs. From designers such as Lanvin, dramatic sophistication in structured silhouettes became juxtaposed with enhanced elegance. Richly inked furs, sheer layers of crinkled lace, exotic gothic plumage, beaded prehistoric embellishments and metallics which were crumpled, pleated and embroidered offered a sumptuous dimension. Whilst referring to a primaeval world, undoubtedly further back than those of the fifties, the past still reclaimed a powerful attraction.

Eloping to country styles unveils a feeling of leaving the metropolitan for a slower, tranquil lifestyle. Where fashion meets nature, the implication would be that fashion is both looking back and taking reference from an environment we all admire. This induces fashion to bask in what the country offers, to unfurl into an Edenic land. Becoming slower, slower and slower. For now.

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