Thursday, 14 October 2010


Three collections alone are enough to be sure that Asger Juel Larsen is a talent perfect for the present and future. His aggressive, intricate and futuristic designs are by no means subtle and Larsen along with others such as Katie Eary, most definitely recognise the need for a revolution in menswear.

With a perspective thundering throughout the streets of London at full throttle, his vision and style unite for the new found rebellion of our generation; thankfully he shows no signs of slowing. His abstracted expressions imply an aesthetic which is detached, individual and always memorable. Asserting his name across the globe, Larsen lacerates traditionalism to sculpt a monument to menswear which perpetuates a style which is always in sync with those who choose not to follow. Creating a new Elysium infused with sharpened gothica notions, sprayed with sophisticated tailoring and streaked with streams of futurism and city culture; Larsen’s vision transmit the needed possibilities to menswear.

His latest S/S collection encompasses a corrupt street culture with clothes that remain somehow civilized. With inch thick leopard brothel creepers, ribbed leather trousers and studded bomber jackets the looks remain concise and direct (could do without the hounds). Balanced with cropped sweaters, Arabic prints and leather shorts Larsen controls an aesthetic with dynamism which appears instinctive and realistic.

Collections combined with technological manufactured threads of knotted rubber wiring, PVC and metallic cylindrical tubing all configure another layered approach to Larsen’s work: a dualism of the voluminous versus the slim. Assembling a duplex of pairings from soft, explosive tailoring to stiff woven wires, supple PVC tops with densely ribbed rubber, not to mention the soft leather trousers with densely sheeted chain-mail which show Larsen gives more than clothes, he provides an ability to style. A vision destined to influence; which we all want to see more from.