Monday, 8 November 2010


A regenerated review of what is unveiled behind closed doors is beginning to immerse within the sphere of furnishings. The chair you sit on, the desk you work at and the bed you sleep on are all about to change.

Who doesn't want an entire mansion meticulously crafted by Ryan Korban? Blending tradition, contemporary and classics, the ultimate mind of interiors subjects an entirely neoteric language to living. Korban’s philosophy derives from a movement in the mirror image of that of fashion, whereby individuals are beginning to synthesize styles, both casual and luxurious. Similarly with Korban’s interiors the inspirational escape within inner city New York, both within and without, floating in orbit through the explosion of our cultural galaxies, Korban’s aesthetic is one of transcendence.

Working for clientele including James Franco, Jessica Stam, Vanessa Traina and Alexander Wang it is clear to see his vision is in high demand. Traditional 18th century style is fused with 70s Italian for a different perspective of traditionalism, this and an added penchant for black oak floors, weighty industrial chrome lamps, luxuriously low-slung furniture opposed with structured glass tables all induce a retreat ready for any city. Splashes of exoticism from zebra rugs to fur throws and taxidermy enhance the sophistication which I defy anyone to ignore.

An embryo sculpted from beauty and livability within skeletal surroundings, Korban displays an allure so prolific, he re-awakens our mind’s eye to see a visionary path into interiors which I guarantee we will all need.

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