Saturday, 27 November 2010


With designs which radiate characteristics of minimalism, structure, bold colour and intricate print you may think you have see it 1,000 times. Think again; Ana Locking is set to suffuse your every satisfaction.

Numerous awards including 'L'Oreal Paris' award for best collection, twice, this designer, artist and photographer truly understands every subtlety of creativity. Witnessing striking colour fusions which manage to integrate youth and sophistication, can for many appear either basic or beautiful. That is until these components are figured, formed and fabricated in the Locking empire.

Morphing micro-organisms into graphically woven prints (S/S 2011, Insides) somehow makes any virus, bacteria or parasite evolve into a striking visual which demands attention. Block colours which are neither dominant nor defective sectioned with serrated silhouettes symbolize a truly intense look. This, dusted with sheer layering which sacrifices anybody unto a wave of piercing pupils only intensifies the sophisticated sexual tones of Ms. Lockings’ creations.

But where’s the real sting, spark or suspense? Her menswear. I for one am always on the hunt for interesting and actually inspiring menswear, which we all know is hard to come across. Yet Ana does it and does it well. Her designs manifest a framework which translates a man who is masculine, sexy and romantic. Not only stopping at menswear or womenswear, her accessories, (think Marni meets Tom Binns) are the ultimate element to round off a complex combination of youth, passion and sophistication.

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