Thursday, 24 February 2011


Decomposing last season's collection, Altuzarra has never been far from alternating his approach. Decreasing into the degrading winter months for 11/12, Altuzarra evolved into another stunning layer to emblazon his creative vision.

Structural contrasts between high/low levels and gender remained a fluid fusion throughout the popular collection. Amalgamating notorious attitude with savage nonchalance broke into new formed relics of the 21st century. He is gradually building a new New York woman. Juxtaposing utilitarian parkas with full fur trims were paired with delicate drapery in sullen hues of rust, khaki, burgundy and nude. Tattered silk argyle prints where melded within bondage strapping and subtle cinching. Rigid tweed pencil skirts and casual tailoring gave a relaxed, comfortable spice. Slashed silk gowns were cinched and pinched, buttoned and draped in complete subtlety to infuse the vision of faded, hazy glamour.

Re-formed biker jackets delivered elongated strips, reworked lapels and lengthy zips and some were dusted with dove-grey fur. Fitted knitwear remained sexy with firm V-shaped cable structures. Eveningwear became embellished with frosty collections of jewels and fringing which were slung beneath masculine, reworked foundations of white biker jackets which were contoured by the ultimate fur collar. It is this capitalized juxtaposition with frame, textiles and feelings that render Altuzarra as a soon to be household name.

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