Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The cocoon of academia can resonate comfort yet contort instinctive growth. How can a magazine based on the sartorial subject successfully bridge the gap between academia and industry? You can find the answer in reading "Vestoj".

A journal dedicated to the active debate, critique and analysis of fashion is like a pearl lurking in swathes of seaweed. "Vestoj" is precious without becoming presumptuous. Their third issue relates to the intrepid waters of Fashion and Shame, two subjects hopelessly swirling in myth and truth of the industry itself. "Vestoj" builds its credentials in penetrating such esoteric subject matter, the pages are further reinforced with articles which open the reader to unusual perspectives and allow for theoretical associations as well as practical, well-rounded understanding. Published once a year, "Vestoj" (meaning 'clothing' is Esperanto) levitates above many publications in articles and layout. One such angle of interest is the breadth of tone which fluctuates through the informal yet directional to the informative and deeply critical. "Vestoj" is like a rorschach test, constantly making the reader re-evaluate and enliven their perspective. This sensory experience is pollinated with stimulating materials and luminous visuals, all of which enhance the opthalmic sensations sparkling through the pages. What also seems worth mentioning is the distinct lack of veneer, all details of production, the team and the manifesto is informally exposed, without a hint of reproach. Want a lone-ranger in the cavalcade of trend stomping publications? A rising obelisk through the 1 dimensional fashion landscape? A sonic sound wave through vacillating chords? Then look for "Vestoj". The publication that breathes life into the thanatoid visage of fashion.  

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