Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Versace- When I was younger, I adored Versace in some weird way, I think their diffusion lines etc. are the main ways that got my first interest. Inevitably, in growing up my style has changed, and so has my opinion on many designers and brands. So, unfortunatley, Versace began to retreat further and further into my memory. However, after Versace's Autumn/Winter 2010 show my style seemed to be intrinsically linked to this very show. From what appeared to be a more mature, classy brand had in my eyes, evolved into a younger, edgier and ultimately more contemporary style.

This was revived again in the Spring/Summer 2011 show. This eighties essence had a powerful reign upon the debut show from Martyn Bal. Bal offered several proposals which a younger audience would appeal to and in turn, would let the developed 'Versace man' prosper. Drawing on a cleaner ideal of the traditional eighties mod era, Bal advances into a youthful aesthetic which definitely appeals to many men, and in particular, me.

Looks inlcuded shawl collared blazers, fringed biker jackets, faux-bib-fronted shirts, dusted marble-washed denim, jeans bedecked in metallic vermillion and chrome, sheeny tonic trousers and sharp, warped Vorticist patterned vests and shirts which continued into astonishing swimwear and silk robes which defined an intruiging aura to classic Versace.

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