Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Givenchy-A brand that I have come to love, not only in womenswear but also in menswear. Very rarely is a desginer capable of making me intruiged by both their womenswear and menswear, but Givenchy does it almost perfectly.

Riccardo Tisci continues to develop his aura of the gothic within hints of religion, sex, violence, purity and carnality which can intertwine into various labyrinths. Tisci still attempts to provide a balance between the casual 'street' wear and the slighlty ominous eveningwear, however leggings beneath tailored shorts are becoming, to me, relatively predetermined. However, season after season, one item which is constantly evolving within Givenchy menswear are their shoes. It may seem quite indistinct but I am continuinely drawn to the differing designs and complete originality that Riccardo Tisci offers in the form of his shoes.
Givenchy delivers a submissive concoction of white lace which was layered to create a strong basis upon the puritanical and the animalistic essence of the show. Black chiffon shirts, fresh nude waist-coats, simple leather pants and a full head-to-toe leopard spot suit delivered a great combination. In developing a strong signature with his menswear, I admire the solemn and sombre nature of the 'Givenchy man', however, injecting a wider spectrum of colour, or a new realm of levity could loosen the slightly oppressive, melancholy appearence. Yet, in spite of that, i need (want) one of those masks!!

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