Wednesday, 30 June 2010


After getting through exams and general stress, now seems to be an appropriate time to start a new blog and get back into what I was doing.
Now seems to be the most appropriate time more than any other within fashion, with spring/summer menswear for 2011 it would seem strange of me not to comment.

Burberry Prorsum- Season upon season, this brand is more than capable of reaching what I want to make them feel like desperate needs. One element that is clear within what I wear is metal, so much metal. Considering what seemed to me, sombre reflections on menswear, Burberry added a plethora of materials and classic designs accompanying my undeniable passion for metal studs, zips, leather, biker jackets and chains. Do not even get me started on the things I would do for those sandals! But first on the list, one big aviator jacket from this season coming...sigh!

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