Saturday, 3 July 2010


Nowadays, there seems to be a distinct lack in home-grown talent concerning new, innovative and truly original menswear designers. However, this may well change from the collection from one of my favourtie menswear designers who recently joined LCF to study Design and Technology. Steve Corcoran graduated from NCAD in Dublin and took his expertise along with his original and opulent designs to London to produce a collection which both inspired and delved into a new design methodology based upon rank.

The collection entitled 'Regalia' explores the relationship between scoiety and branding, he develops on the idea that super brands metaphorically develop military emblems to reflect the 'importance' of position. The sense of insignia and hierarchy is reflected through the crsytal embellishment . Dusty peach and pink satins where developed in opulence with the cream crocodile leathers to enhance the theme of glamour referencing to the higher rank of our youth.
Corcoran succesfully provides audiences with a fresh new take on menswear, which remains original, wearable and individual. I applaud his determination not to become ensared by various 'super-brands' to which his work may go un-recognised, but instead to rely on his faith in his aesthetic which will no doubt push the boundaries further within menswear. Which, I have to say is something I have long awaited.

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