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As new accesories for Autumn/Winter 2010 have begun to infiltrate into the minds of the mortal from the empires of Balenciaga, Alexander Mcqueen, Mulberry and more. I have chosen a fair few which I feel unveil the sheer lustre, splendour and enchantment which the coming season will undoubtedly offer.

Alexander Mcqueen
Synonymous with the creation of elaborate, mystifying and intoxicating footwear, Mcqueen has become capable of adapting trends and styles to hatch a heady mixture of the alluring and the inauspicious. Designs include an opaque black shoe-boot in a trio of leather, crocodile and ostrich (mirroring a biker jacket in the collection). The shoe is set upon a large platform and heel, constructed in dull gold with carvings of knotty, ravelled and labyrinthine flowers, leaves and ivy. Another shoe is composed of a patent nude structure which is affixed onto another gold platform and heel, this time intrinsically linked by rippling gold to portray a lustrous mélange of ethereal wings which flow to formulate an angel which is the heel of the shoe. The Mcqueen mark is truly made by the grandeur of the embellishments which cloak the ankle in emerald, ruby and yellow crystals with trickling gold beads. Whether these are later 'archive' sketches from Mcqueen himself, or designs from Sarah and her team, Mcqueen still captures the importance of extravagance.

However, not all are unwearable (excluding the style of Daphne Guinness among others). The now iconic 'biker' boot has made a come-back and has been reformed to fit with the gold gilt seen in many collections. As again, seraphic wings accompany the design, this among many box clutches with tigers-eye emblems and crocodile skin provide strong evidence that Mcqueen's style remains as influential as ever.

Ghesquière as we all know, has a strong ability to shape fashion to today's market, producing avant-garde and cutting-edge designs which co-incide with the label which mixes Parisian glamour with elegant tailoring, yet still juxtaposed with wild, incogurent and architectural accessories. Balenciaga for Autumn/Winter has sculpted architectural manifestations using bold block heels, and materials such as leather, wood, plasitc, metal and other high-tech fabrics and materials. This creates a stunning, modern aesthetic which seems to hint at later art deco designs, the collage of materials are reminiscent of Memphis Design. Classic forms such as the brogue and loafer are re-constructed with square heels and formulated in diverse hues such as burnt orange, teal, cream, mint and mahogany. Again, like so many seasons before, Balenciaga has triumphed in contributing footwear of the most exciting and intricate designs.

As mentioned before, I am a fan of Givenchy. The Autumn/Winter accessories combine elegant embellishment with the typically recognisable gothic touch. A white nappa leather 'Pandora' clutch is understatedly embroidered with sequins and crystals. Another, ultra glamourous and gothic clutch interlaces a glove with a clutch, both of which are seemingly bound by inky-black nappa leather with a lace overlay and embroidered by beads. This noxious combination of the glittering embellishments and the strong structure delivers a flourishing attraction. Givenchy never fails to deliver striking and lurid designs in the form of, gloves. There is no doubt that, if I had the money I would have built a collection of Givenchy gloves by now, they seem to be one of very few brands who actually create stunning designs for winter gloves. The Autumn/Winter 2010 gloves consist of flaming colour schemes including, vivid scarlet, glowing virescent, glittering ebony black and scintillating white. Both of which are submereged in sequins and crystals, or soft leather bedecked in beaded embroidery. Either way, every single pair is beautiful, and the best part? You can buy a matching 'Pandora' clutch!

I adore Mulberry and after the brand got placed in the hands of ultra-talented Emma Hill, the company has gone from strength to strength. Introducing new styles such as the Mitzy Hobo, the Shimmy and of course, the Alexa, the brand has an ability to provide for the ever-demanding world of fashion. As well as bags, Hill has been exploring the clothing line of the company and has propelled the label into a company not just known for their iconic bags. Being a bayswater fan, I was grieving over my inability to purchase a moc-crocodile metallic silver Bayswater. However, all hope is not lost as the classic Bayswater has been re-defined once more by evolving into pyhton skin, which has had a cosmic, kaleidoscopic treatment which reveals a spectrum of azure, sapphire, dull chrome, violet and ultramarine. Another glittering example of the brands ability to modernise iconic, classic bags.

Yves Saint Laurent
A brand which always intrigues me, whether it be their bold jewelry, the sleek, understated and almost masculine-like sculpted shoes or the ultra bespoke and classy tailoring, Yves Saint Laurent can always deliver something robustly stunning. From the iconic Tribtoo pump to the cage shoes, YSL can provide a demure, sophisticated look in an understated yet captivating way. The 'Palace 105' pump has a firm shape tethered in ashen suede with hair unfurling along the length of the heel. Granted, hair is not for everyone, but these in some way, are quite attractive. Along with shoes which will no doubt become very popular, YSL produced an evening clutch (although looks incredibly small), which is basically a ball of mink with a brass knuckleduster. I like mink, I love knuckledusters, yes it probably is not very wearable but its still cute.

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