Friday, 9 July 2010


Seeing as there have been a plethora of couture shows recently, most have been a pleasure to admire, however others, have left me dismayed. Unfortunately, this feeling is evoked by a fashion heavyweight, Valentino. I can admire the craftsmanship and the expertise required for these outfits. However, the appearance of some of these dresses seems both bland and completely unwearable for the younger woman. Granted, the house of Valentino has had a difficult time with the retirement of Valentino himself and this show does successfully provide a broader appeal, giving feminine, romantic looks which can be translated into a modern-day Valentino aesthetic, enough for a younger generation.

In contrast to this, Chiuri and Piccioli have created a small series of floor-length strapless dresses in robust coral and metallic silver which appear to be only appropriate to the models wearing them. Many silhouettes I find unattractive and would not flatter anyone other than a model. Admittadly 'The Dark Side of First Love' as the show was entitled suggested a stronger and more defined collection, with looks including, feathers, lace and an unscrupulous amount of bows which awkwardly attempted this profound idea. I find some of these pieces to be too fragile and a cage dress in particular just seems either out of place or an attempt at a Jean-Paul Gaultier-esque 'wow' factor. One puff-ball dress seemed frankly unoriginal and rather childish with the embellishment consisting of flower sequins.

I fully respect the artisan qualities evoked in the production of the collection regarding the materials, the skill and the theme of the collection. However, there still seems to be something missing, I still can't see that Valentino flair.

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